Faxbox User Guide

Faxbox User Guide

Email to Fax method: Outbound

 1. Open your email client program e.g. MS Outlook and enter the recipient fax details in the following format:

      FaxNumber@GoVoiprealm   e.g. 091234567@abcde.sip.govoip.nz


      2. Attach the content to be sent as a document in either PDF or TIFF format. Note that the email subject and body text aren't included in the fax.

    NB. If you are unsure about your GoVoip realm, please contact UFONE for assistance.

Fax to Email method:  Inbound

 1. A sender will send a fax to your fax number and it will be received as an email attachment in the specified destination mailbox. See screenshot example below.


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