Caller ID

Caller ID


Every phone call has a calling party (person/device who makes the phone call) and a called party (person/device who receives the phone call) and each call will have a Caller ID Number that is set by the calling party or by their carrier. 

Inbound Caller ID

In most cases you will receive calls in E164 format e.g +6491234567, though we can't guarantee that will always be true, sometimes the calling party has not set their outbound caller ID correctly or they are wanting to hide their number. We'd love to just drop calls with incorrectly formatted phone numbers but users don't generally appreciate our enforced number formatting purity when calls are lost.

The calls may also include a Caller ID Name, though in many cases the calling party won't have set this or it has been stripped out by their carrier before it reaches us. If there is no caller ID name, the caller ID number will be repeated.

Allowed numbers for Outbound Caller ID

For outbound calls you can set any valid NZ or international landline number, even numbers not yet ported to UFONE. Make sure you use a number that comes back to you if the called party calls you back.
Toll Free numbers are not supported for outbound caller ID, if you decide to use them anyway they may work but there are many cases where the called party's carrier will reject the caller ID as not valid, especially calling overseas destinations like the USA where using Toll Free for your caller ID is not allowed.

Number format for Outbound Caller ID

Numbers should be in E164 with a leading + and no spaces or other characters e.g +6491234567
This is the standard international format and will ensure the best chance of the phone number reaching the called party without being impeded or formatted incorrectly. In some cases the called party device will automatically display the number in a different format on their screen e.g. 09 123 4567

Outbound Caller ID Name

UFONE supports outbound caller ID Name, though this may be stripped out before the call makes it to the called party. Caller ID Name can be set on your PBX or on your GoVoIP account.

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