Call Forwarding / Failover / DND

Call Forwarding / Failover / DND

GoVoIP User Call Forwarding

These commands allow you to manage call forwarding for your own user and will apply to all of your phone devices and will work even if all your phone devices are offline.
Update Call Forward Number: *56 - Dial to update the number that phone calls will be forwarded to. Does not enable/disable call forwarding.
Enable Call Forward: *72 - Dial to enable call forward, it will also prompt for a new call forward number. If you use call forward to the same number regularly, use *74 instead.
Disable Call Forward: *73 - Dial to disable call forward.
Toggle Call Forward: *74 - Dial to toggle between enabled and disabled.

Failover Mode

Failover mode will automatically forward all calls to an external phone number when all of your phone devices are offline. The best use case for this is when you have a power or internet outage, all calls can be automatically forwarded to your mobile phone. If failover mode has been configured for your user, it will take effect whenever call forwarding is disabled. The phone number that it forwards to is the same number as Call Forwarding and can be updated with the same dial code *56
To check if failover is enabled: ?????


If call forwarding is enabled, DND on a desk phone will be ignored and calls will be forwarded regardless.
If call forwarding is disabled, calls will be diverted immediately to voicemail.